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Recurring and worrisome UTIs, yeast infections, BV, odor, discomfort, and irritation do not have to be part of your day to day. Medications only address the symptoms, and not the underlying issue (bad bacteria). Antibiotics specifically, harm healthy vaginal flora. Fix It addresses each of these concerns holistically and effectively, while restoring healthy microflora, balance, and mucous. Or… do you have a past entanglement/sexual partner you need to detox from? You can FEEL their lingering energy which needs flushed out of you, ASAP. Say less. Just call us the Olivia Pope of yoni revitalization. Let us help you fix it and keep it cute, sis…from the inside, out.


This special bundle can also be a great gift for yourself or your fellow sis! An excellent way to endulge in self-care with all the Herbal Trap goodies in one package.


Bundle and save! (indiviually priced items total $48) 

Keep It Cute Sis. Coochie Care Bundle

Out of Stock
  • Keep It Cute Sis Coochie Care Bundle Includes: 

    -Love It Yoni Nectar (4oz)
    -Sip or Soak It Tea Tonic (4oz) 
    -Clean It Panty and Lingerie Wash (1/2 lb) 
    -Yoni Affirmations 


    Why You’ll Love It:
    -Treats common recurring vaginal issues and infections (UTIs, BV, yeast infections)
    -Restores healthy microflora and mucous
    -Balances PH from the inside, out 
    -Rapidly eradicates discomfort, irritation, and itchiness
    -Cleanses and detoxifies
    -Relieves pain experienced during urinating due to bacterial infections
    -Naturally antibiotic and anti-inflammatory
    -Provides a holistic approach to treating vaginal wellness
    -Sooths, comforts, relaxes, and restores HER from the inside, out
    -Doesn’t contain ANY synthetic antibiotics, which are known for killing healthy vaginal flora
    -100% natural, vegan, and free from toxic ingredients

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