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Customer Reviews

Slather It.

This soufflé is amazing! I put it on me and my son's skin after showering, and our skin is glowing and feels so moisturized!

Slather It smells amazing! It is filled to the top with whipped goodness, and melts easily.

Oil It.

Oil It smells soooo good, and makes my skin feel amazing. It's light-weight, and absorbs very nicely. I love how it feels on my hair and scalp, too!

Oil It gives my skin a nice glow, and doesn't leave me feeling greasy.

Vibrate Above It.

The tea is so good, and I love the lavendar flavor. It's relaxing, and very good quality. I normally drink my tea at the end of the work day, to decompress and chill out after a long day.'

Love the flavor of the tea! It's very refereshing and calming.

Love It.

I absolutely love the way I feel after using my yoni bar! It's only been a few days, and I can definitely tell a difference. This amazing product is needed and wanted! 

The bar is very moisturizing. This was a pleasant surprise because now I don't feel like I need to follow up with anything else, and be worried about a negative result.

Customer Service...

"I felt soooo special! Everything was so detailed and perfect.

I can't wait to try my products!"

"These products are so bomb, and I'm super big on the customer service where I spend my money. The interaction was very pleasent, and I will definitely be shopping again!"

"I just LOVE Jocellyn's energy, and how she truly does make each product with love."

"Whatever she creates always feels like it's made just for me, and this is no different..."

"I simply love her products..."

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