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No matter what you call her sis, your yoni deserves love. However you can't do so with a cleansing agent made of synthetic ingredients. Many vaginal cleansers (bars, liquids, foaming washes) contain ingredients like sodium sulfate, tallow (beef fat), mineral oil, lard (pork fat), triethanolamine, drying alcohols, additives, perservatives, colorants, and lye. Not to mention, these same cleansers become bubbly and sudsy while lathering. No wonder you're itchy and not so fresh 'down there'; there's nothing natural or organic about any of this sis, even it is "gentle".



Love It is crafted in the shape of the Hamsa Hand, which is a protective symbol. The Hamsa brings goodness, abundance, fertility, strength, and good health. We solidify our cleansing formula with the Hamsa Hand facing down, thus opening all who use it, to receive abundance, goodness, and positive manifestations.



Love It contains no synthetic ingredients, no harsh chemicles, no bases, no dyes, no lye, no artificial fragrances, and no bubbles. Each ingredient is 100% natural or certified organic, serves a purpose, and is naturally scented wtih essential oils. Show your yoni true TLC. 

Love It. Yoni Cleansing Bar

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  • This is a digital coupon that will be redeemed during pick up for the Yoni Bar. The Yoni Bar cannot be shipped from May - October, due to heat.  You can update the quantity of bars in your shopping cart. 


    The Yoni Bar contains NO synthetic ingredients to prevent it from melting during shipment.  Pick up is in Indianapolis, IN only.  IF you are purchasing other products, those items will be mailed to you. ONLY the yoni bar will be available for pick up at your scheduled time.


    If you want the liquid version of the bar, please click here for the Yoni Cleansing Nectar. 


    Pick up times are arranged weekly at a location in Indianapolis, Indiana. You will be contacted after your order is confirmed, and will be notified of the pick up option for the week. If you miss your pick up time, your order will not be refunded. You can contact us to arrange a different time. We will not issue a store credit.


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    2 oz bar


    Why You'll Love It:
    -gently and effectively cleanses your vaginal area
    -supports the restoration of healthy vaginal microflora
    -naturally alkaline
    -moisturizes, conditions, and prevents vaginal dryness
    -no artificial fragrances
    - no colorants
    -no artificial or sythnetic ingredients
    -no bases, fillers, or emulsifiers (agents that bind water and oil together)


    Hey Girl. Love It Like This:
    Wet your yoni, then rub your bar into your fingers to apply. Cleanse. Rinse. Handle Love It gently. Do not wet your bar or expose your bar to water.

    Bar should be kept in a cool, dry place. Storing in your refrigerator or a cabinet is encouraged. Be mindful to not leave your bar in the shower or exposed to heat/moisture for long periods of time. The bar should NEVER become wet, and doesn't need to be wet to be applied. If your bar becomes wet, make sure it air dries away from moisture. Do not keep your bar in a closed soap container, as the container holds moisture if your bar has become wet.


    2 month shelf life before use (longer if kept refrigerated). Once use has begun, approximately 3 weeks.


    Made With:
    Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Shea Butter, Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Herbal-Infused Carrier Oil Blend, Ylang Ylang, Essential Oil Blend, Rose Petals


    Natural. Organic. Plant-based. Vegan. No Bases. No Fillers. Botanical Vibes. ​Crafted in small, potent batches to ensure integrity and effectiveness.

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