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Our especially made for you organic tea blend will relax your spirit, sooth your inner SHEro, and balance those chakras which have been difficult to get aligned. With lavender, lemon, and earthy notes, deliciousness awaits you to sip OR soak. Fill up a larger tea bag for a bath or a smaller tea bag in a cup. The choice is hers... 

Sip n' Soak. It Tea Tonic

  • Sip n' Soak arrives to you carefully packaged in a mylar window bag, to ensure the integrity and freshness of your tea. You'll receive 10 large disposable muslin bags for bath use and 10 small muslin bags for tea use.


    Why You'll Love It When You Sip:

    -reduces anxiety, stress, and nervousness
    -supports digestive health
    -aids respiratory health
    -reduces inflammation in your body
    -promotes restful sleep
    -calms muscle spasms 
    -alleviates body aches and pains
    -detoxifies the body
    -boosts immunity
    -benefits your skin and hair
    -eases menstruation and cramps
    -promotes womb health  
    -balances pH
    -removes bad bacteria and toxins
    -restores healthy microflora from the inside out 
    -calms the mind to encourage creativity and meditation
    -boosts metabolism and assists with burning fat


    Why You'll Love It When You Soak: 

    -Treats common recurring vaginal issues and infections (UTIs, BV, yeast infections)
    -Restores healthy microflora and mucous-Balances PH from the inside, out
    -Rapidly eradicates discomfort, irritation, and itchiness
    -Cleanses and detoxifies
    -Relieves pain experienced during urinating due to bacterial infections
    -Naturally antibiotic and anti-inflammatory
    -Provides a holistic approach to treating vaginal wellness
    -Sooths, comforts, relaxes, and restores HER from the inside, out
    -Doesn’t contain ANY synthetic antibiotics, which are known for killing healthy vaginal flora
    -100% natural, vegan, and free from toxic ingredients


    Size Matters. Tell Me More:

    4oz of tea for bath or to make tea. 


    Making your tea to soak: 

    Put a half cup of tea herbs into a large disposable bag and put in boiling water (2-3 quarts of water). Let boil for 30 minutes. Add the tea water to shallow bath water (enough to reach your hips, and soak your yoni. Marinate in your tea bath for 30 minutes.


    Making your tea to sip: 

    ​Put one teaspoon of loose leaf tea into small tea bags, and add 6-8 oz of boiling hot water for 7 minutes.  Sweeten to your liking or not at all. 

    1 year shelf life

    Made With:​

    An organic blend of various healing herbs and florals, LOVE. Taste consists of lavender, lemon, and earthy notes. No artificial flavoring. Caffeine free.


    This tea should NOT be consumed during pregnancy.

    Natural. Organic. Plant-based. Vegan. No Bases. No Fillers. Botanical Vibes. ​Crafted in small, potent batches to ensure integrity and effectiveness.


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