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Protecting Your Energy

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to “protect your energy”. I know what it sounds like. However, I’ve been contemplating what it means to be intentional about it.

I can choose not to watch the news to protect my energy. I can choose not to talk to someone to protect my energy. I can choose to avoid going to a physical place that triggers me, to protect my energy.

However, what are my internal behaviors I can control to protect my energy? Am I aware of the vices which trigger me, and put me in a space where I’m unnecessarily exerting my energy on something that doesn’t uplift or benefit me?

  • I can choose to respond when emotions are not heightened.

  • I can choose to not internal other people’s actions, words, and behaviors.

  • I can choose to not focus my thoughts on situations or people that upset me.

  • I can choose to not publicly engage in topics on social media that do not benefit my mental health and well-being.

Becoming intentional about protecting your energy is truly #goals. It can shift the way you flourish in your own personal growth. It will help you regain your power and time, as you’re no longer putting energy into situations, people, or circumstances that don’t deserve your currency.

How can you truly make protecting your energy a changed behavior; not just something temporary?

  • Become a mindful person.

  • Be introspective and honest with yourself.

  • Take a pause…before you react, respond, or engage with anything or anyone…pause. Take a breath. Is it necessary? Does it require your energy? What will the outcome be if you insert yourself? Listen to your intuition and discernment… pay attention to that voice telling you “no, stop, or GIRL CHILL OUT”.

We’re in this together sis. Becoming intentional with protecting your energy is a process. But how can you secure the bag if you can’t secure yourself?

Affirm: I am making the intentional choice to protect my energy. I have complete power and control over my thoughts, actions, response, and behaviors.

With Love,


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